Best NFL Throwback Jerseys To Buy


Aside from the fact that Nathan got in trouble for urinating in front of the other kids on the playground during recess and that I was Wilt Chamberlain for the human wax museum, I don’t remember too much about the 4th grade. I do remember wearing my first jersey — Steve Young of the soon to be five-time champion San Francisco 49ers. I loved that jersey. My parents still have it tucked away in their closet back in Arthur, Ill.

Jerseys have only gained exponential popularity since that time. But what should you go for in 2014? What’s cool? What will never go out of style? The answer — throwbacks.

No one wants to own the jersey of a player that just got traded, so if you purchase a Hall-of-Fame player — which you know will always be connected graciously to your favorite team — you also get a classic look that will make you stand out from the pack.

I really wanted to select jerseys that differentiate from the styles we see today. Sure, there are a lot of jerseys in 2014 that hold that same classic look we’ve seen for decades with only minimal changes (Bears, 49ers, Cowboys, Colts etc.), but which jerseys do you see right away and say, “Wow, now that’s definitely a throwback!”?

Here are the most rad throwbacks every fan should consider when shopping for a jersey. Extra points if your jersey is a player from the era in which the style actually debuted. And sorry Steelers fans, no bumble bees here.

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